inkjet printer 810
1. Applicable in industries such as : Medicine, Cosmetics , Sanitary , Dairy , Foods and……..
2. Maximum print height 12 mm or 6 lines of Persian or Latin
3. The distance between the printer head and the product is 3mm
4. With high-resolution graphics and a resolution of 300 dpi
5. The windows-based software with a variety of fonts and Languages ( Persian , Arabic , English , Russian and …..)
6. Ability to print of Logos, Work shift, Automatic date , Serial number , Time with minutes , Counter and………
7. Selected from the best printer heads in the world with HP technology
8. Print capability on every material such as: Plastic, Cellophane, Paper, Carton , Metal , glass and ……..
9. No need for maintenance and so easy to use.
10. With the cartridge containing filter , nozzle and ink tank . when the new cartridge is replaced the printer head is renewed.
11. Available in two models with paper or PVC cartridges (for plastic surfaces)
12. With QR code and barcode printing capability
13. Can be installed on carton sealing tape machine
14. 10 message memories